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Yag Laser vs IPL – The Lowdown!!!

19 Dec 2018 | Studio News | Yag Nd Laser Hair Removal

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Permanent Hair Removal – Yag Laser vs IPL

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The lowdown on Laser

At NB we use a class 4 medical grade laser for permanent hair removal – the Polaris ND:Yag.

Light from the Yag laser is parallel providing a concentrated beam of light.  In addition this light is monochromatic which makes it more concentrated.

It focuses on the pigment (colour) of the hair rather than anything else.  This allows the laser to penetrate much further into the hair follicle to target that pesky hair bulb more effectively.  It can destroy the hair bulb without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Yag Laser provides fast removal of unwanted hair with few side effects.

It can be used on any colour of skin.

You could see up to an amazing 40% reduction of targeted hair after your first treatment with our ND:Yag laser!!

the lowdown on IPL

IPL produces a wide spectrum of light that shallowly penetrates the skin. This wide spectrum is diffused like the beam of a torch.

IPL doesn’t target any specific aspect of the hair. The hair absorbs some wavelengths of the light, resulting in heating and disruption of the follicle, while the rest are reflected away.

Because only some of the energy generated during IPL affects the hairs it’s a less efficient method of hair removal than laser treatment.

IPL treatment doesn’t involve a cool breeze machine which ensures maximum patient comfort.

You might have seen IPL referred to as IPL Laser treatment. This is misleading, as the beam of light produced by IPL is wide-spectrum and does not involve lasers.

free consultation & Patch test

We’re so confident in our ND:Yag laser that we offer FREE consultations!!

During your consultation our therapist will explain the treatment and answer any questions you might have.

We will also complete a comprehensive questionnaire to make sure that we provide you with the safest, most effective treatment possible.

We will also conduct a patch test completely free of charge!   You can feel how much difference the cool breeze machine makes on the treatment.

There is no obligation to book treatments after your free consultation.

Contact us on 01387 249944 to book your free consultation now!