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Caitlyn – Our Windle & Moodie Ambassador

9 May 2018 | Education | Hair | Studio News

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An interview with Caitlyn, our Windle & Moodie Ambassador

Caitlyn tell us why NB is your salon?

NB is my salon because there are so many opportunities to develop professionally.  I can draw on Nelsons years of experience to expand the service I can offer our clients.  Plus the salon is a state of the art space which the clients love….have you seen our backwash?? As if that wasn’t enough we have a fantastic team here and I love working with them.

Tell me about your training.

I undertook Nelsons intensive, in-house training course.   We get one-to-one mentoring and training which is completely unique.  The training matched my individual pace and development which gave me so much confidence.

I loved the opportunity to showcase my creativity at my final show.

What does Nelson give you?

Knowledge, which he shares in droves! His experience is invaluable and helps me to offer a really unique service to clients.  Nelson also gives me the chance to express my own creativity by supporting us to enter professional competitions.

What makes a Windle & Moodie Ambassador?

In essence, knowledge!  I can guide clients through my extensive knowledge of hair and the W&M range to maximise the health and condition of their hair.  Whatever your styling need, I can suggest a product to make that easier for you without damaging your hair.

I also train the team and keep their product knowledge up to date so we’re sharing that info with as many people as possible.

How does being a W&M Ambassador benefit your clients?

Essentially I can give them the highest quality, up to date advice on keeping their hair healthy as well as the products they need simplify their styling routine!