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When Laura went to Windle London

8 Feb 2019 | Education | Studio News

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As you know, when it comes to hair NB loves to inspire, educate and motivate their team  and this was a trip of a lifetime!

Laura was placed on a 3 day hair master class course at Windle London HQ.  Located in the uber swanky Covent Garden, in the heart of Londons’ coolest spot.

The 3 days were a chance to work freely on hair shapes, hair direction and hair techniques. Opening the creative mind and pushing the boundaries.

The product company set themselves within the cool hair genre….. think Kate Moss.  Street chic, uber cool and most importantly – individuality.

Day One 

This was a general introduction to the salon space and the team.  In addition she learned additional product education on what’s new and whats cool.

Day Two

An opportunity to push the creative boundaries and work freely and expressively.  As you can see by the pictures below, she really enjoyed the fun, and the building process of these hairstyles.

Day Three

Exhibition – Laura went to see art, in the heart of London!!, HOW COOL!!! They then had the opportunity to interpret that into hair and design.

Laura has come back so fresh and open, motivated and inspired, juiced up and willing to share the knowledge with every NB client through our door.

Its just wonderful so see the energy burst from Laura, we hope you enjoy the blog and see you in salon.


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