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How to prepare for laser hair removal

22 Feb 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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During your Consultation, you will be asked when you last waxed or plucked the area you are looking to be treated. This is so we can determine when your first treatment of Laser can begin. Shaving is not an issue but if you have been waxing the area, it would be wise to wait for a few weeks to allow the follicle to settle before booking in for your first appointment. As the Laser targets the follicle and waxing (or plucking) removes the hair bulb, there is nothing for the Laser to destroy if its already be pulled out. You will also be advised not to return to waxing in order to maximise your results.

Ideally you should shave the area 24hrs before your appointment and arrive with clean skin. Wear something comfortable for example, a vest top for underarm treatments and light coloured underwear if you are having a bikini area session.

The area will then be cleansed and cooled prior to Laser Treatment.

Aloe Vera Gel will then be applied post treatment to cool and calm the skin. We would strongly advise against doing anything that raises your body temperature for the next 24hrs such as saunas, hot tubs, gym work outs etc. and sunscreen should be applied to protect your skin.