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The Lowdown on Fashion Week with Nelson

13 May 2019 | Fashion Week

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So……2019 has been a super fast start for NB. Ranging from shows for Couture, Ready to Wear and Cruise.  Here’s the low down just for you!

Nelson is bursting with knowledge to share to the team and clients after his time assisting on Sam Mcknight’s team.

january 2019

January 2019 started with a bang. Nelson was initially asked to go to Milan to work on Mens Fashion Week, assisting Mr McKnight.  He worked on the D Squared & Fendi shows.

The mens shows always interest Nelson – for obvious reasons! With Milan being the capital of mens design, they proved to be all inspiring.

The following week saw NB travel to Paris, for Chanel couture and Vauthier couture…again both shows with Mr McKnight.

So January whizzed by!!!

February 2019

Straight into February, it was ready to wear. Starting with London Fashion Week.  Assisting Sam, Nelson worked on Ryan Lo, Roland Mouret and Halpern.

Then it was on to Paris!  Again assisting on the legendary Sam McKnight’s shows starting with Dries Van Noten. Quickly followed by Balmain, Vivienne Westwood and finishing as always, with the giant CHANEL.

Heading straight back to his clients, his team and his salons, Nelson truly has inspiration. These ready to wear shows took him all the way to the 5th March, by which time he was glad to see D&G.

May 2019

May was when Nelson was asked to travel to Paris for the third time in 2019 to work on Chanel cruise.  This is a mid season collection for real buying enthusiasts.

So the burning question has to be..

What’s the trends for this season?

“If only there was one!  The shows and the designers are all showing off their work, their vision, their version of fashion. Including what motivates, stimulates & inspires them.

As an outsider and an onlooker, my feeling would have to be the attention to individuality with the girls and boys on the shows. Girls with texture, curls, straight and afro hair were allowed to be themselves!   No forcing the look or making them all look the same. Each girl was looked at uniquely. Create the best look for them with the hair – that’s my trend from the shows.

We should all embrace who we are, what we have and be uniquely confident in the way we are.

Hair is an expression of confidence, and desire.  Be yourself. Be unique. Be individual.”