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The Feel Good Evening at DGRI

30 Nov 2018 | Hair | Studio News

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DGRI FEEl good evening

This week Nelson was invited to the Feel Good Evening at DGRI which was sponsored by the Health Endowment Fund Charity.

This evening was designed to give confidence to those going through hair loss.  Hair loss affects self confidence in so many different ways.  Nelson was delighted to be invited to share his knowledge about hair.

Real model transformations

To finish the evening Nelson solved some hair challenges of real models.  Model one had all her hair return after treatment. However it has returned curly!  NB used the curl and discussed how to achieve smooth curls, managing it successfully and giving a modern look.

Model two was a young lady who needed a boost of confidence. Nelson did just that –  showing a cool way to dress hair easily.

Lastly, with hair texture as the lead, NB discussed how to embrace your natural hair.

Hair styling

Sometimes hair can become soft and difficult to style.  Nelson demonstrated how to up style soft hair to give volume and weight.

The transitional period when hair starts to grow again presents another challenge.  Nelson showed how to maximise your hair when it returns. Giving vital confidence that we are what we are…..the natural strengths of our hair should be embraced.

Caring for Hair

Information was given about the importance of using the right shampoo to promote hair growth and strength.  In addition conditioning the scalp works to increase a strong hair bulb which in turn helps create healthy hair.