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23 Nov 2017 | Education | Hair

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technical cutting

Fascinated by technical cutting? Check out this video to discover the process behind it all…..

Our model has a consultation where her face shape, head shape, jawline and hair texture are considered to give her a cut that’s perfectly suited to her features….the end result is a cut which accentuates and compliments her natural features – creating an individual hair cut which Nelson is so passionate about.

Nelson covers the graduating and layering techniques in this clip creating a cut which can be styled in various different ways. Inspiration comes from one of the hair cuts that the Sassoon team created which took direction from a cut called the sweep which gives you an opportunity to work on the inside shape of the cut…..a place where you wouldn’t conventionally start.

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technical cutting transcript

Today we are going to do some technical cutting, and we have something special for you in our Beauty “dungeon” which is a face contorting beauty treatment (a non-surgical facelift). Our model, Jasmine had a consultation, we took into consideration her face shape and texture. Jasmine has an edge length which is what we will be concentrating on.


The first thing we did was separate Jasmine’s hair into five different sections, which we will be cutting internally, leaving pockets of length in the external section.


Basically, we have the external length and the internal shape, and what we do when we design a haircut or a shape around the individual’s face. We want to make sure that it suits the individual qualities, the skull shape, jawline and head shape. All these factors are introduced during the consultation.

Jasmine has a square face, so we want the hair to be a round shape so that it accentuates the qualities and removes the squareness.


Well, I will be working on a combination of hair cutting techniques. There are only three techniques in hairdressing.

1. Layering, which removes weight from hair.

2. Graduating, which builds the hair up.

3. One length cutting, which is the maximum of hair on the head.

For Jasmine’s hair, we will be concentrating on graduating the two small sections on the left, lifting the hair out slightly, which will allow us to build width of the face at the side. On the opposite side, we will layer the hair removing weight as it has a lot more hair because of the side parting. These two techniques will allow Jasmine to have the flexibility to style her hair in various ways.

For any budding hairdressers out there when you are working with a haircut like this one, remember to keep your sections very clean because it can be very easy to get lost. I have used flat clips to secure the disconnection to avoid the hair catching.

I have been extremely lucky in my career to work with Vidal Sassoon and this is one of the haircuts the Sassoon team uses, which was inspired by a haircut called the sweep. It gives you the opportunity to work on a shape on the inside which is not normally where you would start and this technique gives you a real example of how the perimeter can look.