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Summer Hair With Windle & Moodie

28 Apr 2018 | Studio News

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Invisible Day & Night Cream

Summer is nearly here (we’re hoping!) bringing us different summer hair challenges to deal with.

We’re here to make things easier for you!  Behold our top tips from Educator Extraordinaire Nelson Brown!!

What’s the most important thing to remember about summer hair?

In the sunshine people need to think about covering their hair with a stylish hat, cap or scarf…style it up and be unique!

The area of hair that people always forget about protecting is the ENDS!!!!  The ends have more heat damage already there, are prone to splitting and have a much more delicate constitution. So, if the ends aren’t covered/protected/maintained, you’ll return from your holidays with tired, faded, tangly hair.

Matte Texture Spray

Give us a top tip Nelson……

Nelson’s top tip on a suncare  ponytail is to tuck the ends into the ponytail and hide them from the sunshine.

What’s your top product for UV protection?

Try Invisible Day and Night Cream from Windle & Moodie….

The best time to use Invisible Day and Night Cream is before sun exposure and concentrate it on the ends of the hair.

What’s the biggest holiday hair myth?

On holiday people tend to think they need to shampoo daily….this is a huge mistake.  Like your skin, hair needs moisture after sun exposure. Shampooing removes the natural oils from your hair.

Try to wet your hair to restyle it before you go for canapés at night or use Matt Texture Spray to blast away any oil residue from sun bathing.

Remember texture is a cool thing to wear, so use your sun squashed hair and embrace your natural texture!