Pain-free, affordable and permanent


80% of people have unwanted hair, yet only 20% of people do something about it.  You are not alone.  With the new laser technology, laser hair removal is more affordable and painless than ever before (typically £59 per regular lip and chin treatment). Ready to be hair-free, pain-free???? You don’t need to go any further than Dumfries.

We offer the latest laser hair removal treatment that effectively removes unwanted body or facial hair and prevents re-growth…….freeing you from waxing horrors or time consuming shaving.  Say goodbye to the constant worry of unsightly or embarrassing hair.

Our Nd Yag laser is a class four Polaris medical laser. It is dedicated to hair removal and that’s what it does faultlessly. Along with our top of the range Breeze cooling machine, our clients receive a pain-free experience and can walk out of the clinic without any discomfort or downtime from their daily life.

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How long will i need to have Laser treatment for?

8-12 sessions are usually needed for complete hair removal but significant change is seen and felt within three treatments. Typically treatments will be four weeks apart and you can shave in between treatments. You never need to see the unwanted hair ever again.

Each treatment reduces hair growth by 20% and that remains constant throughout the course of the treatment.

Clients travel throughout the UK to receive this professional, friendly and much trusted service.

Think beauty, think laser, think Dumfries!

Our laser therapist works with a huge variety of clients including transgender, females and males of all generations and ethnicities!

No more hassle with razors, plucking, waxing or shaving. No more checking in the mirror for stray hairs. No more spending hours in the bathroom trying to finish off every single unwanted hair!!

Just life-enhancing and life-changing pain-free laser hair removal in a friendly, professional clinic.

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