Pain-free, affordable and permanent



80% of people have unwanted hair, yet only 20% of people do something about it.  You are not alone! Ready to be hair-free? Using the latest Nd Yag laser hair removal technology, we can effectively remove unwanted body or facial hair  – Permanently! 

Our Nd Yag is a class four Polaris medical grade laser.  It is dedicated to hair removal anywhere on the body.  We can work on small areas such as lip and chin up to larger areas such as back and full leg, safely and with amazing results.

Our technician will also use a Breeze cooling machine, which gives our clients a comfortable experience throughout.  During the Patch test, we will show you how this works and get you to feel the coolness of the breeze machine.

Laser Packages available at NB:

  • Top Lip or Chin – now £250 was £472
  • Underarms (both) – now £300 was £472
  • Bikini – now £500 was £944
  • Full Leg (1 x full leg) – now £1,000 was £1,888
  • Half Leg (2 x half legs) – now £1,000 was £1,888

All packages are 8 treatments per package. i.e. 8 top lip or chin sessions for £250. If you don’t use your 8 sessions on the one area you can use the remaining time on another area or on your top up appointments.

Evening and weekend clinics are available to suit.