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Review 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

11 Feb 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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I started my transition a year and a half or so ago and kind of put off getting laser as covid
was in pretty much full swing at the time.
I looked online and found Angela in Dumfries. I made an appointment and had a test patch
done, which was super easy. I was a bit nervous approaching the place, but Angela made
me feel right at home and gave me lots of info about the process. Her treatment room has
an amazing view of the river and she let my girlfriend sit in with us, which helped put me at
After waiting a week or so to see if I’d had any adverse reaction, I paid for a block of 8
sessions (as recommended by Angela) and booked my first for real session. Angela talked
me through the whole process and made sure I was comfy whilst she drew an outline of
the area on my face was going to work on. Then the laser started, which to my surprise
really didn’t hurt much at all! My girlfriend has had laser on her face before elsewhere and
had told me that it hurt a lot, but I only really felt a little pain when she worked on areas like
my upper lip and chin which have a higher density of hair.
My girlfriend has much darker hair (and less of it) and has seen a noticeable improvement
already with only one session. I’ve had two sessions so far, and I’ve seen a little progress
which has me quite excited. I’m really looking forward to the difference after my 8th
Maisy Livingston