20 Jan 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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If you are fed up with short term fixes to a long term problem, Laser Hair Removal is for you!

Using the very latest in Nd:Yag laser hair removal technology, we can effectively remove unwanted body or facial hair. Our Nd:Yag is a class four Polaris medical grade laser and it is dedicated to hair removal anywhere on the body from small localised areas such as lip or chin up to larger areas such as back, chest and legs, safely and with amazing results. Our Nd:Yag is considered to be the Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal and we are proud to offer a you bespoke experience here at Nelson Brown.

Our technician will also use a Breeze cooling machine, which provides our clients with  a comfortable experience throughout. 

Before undergoing laser work at Nelson Brown, we ask all of our customers to come in for a consultation and patch test. This helps us to better understand what you’re looking for and gives you a chance to ask any questions.

  • NHS pre-op work carried out
  • Payment plans available to discuss during your consultation
  • Prices may vary due to individual needs but will be discussed and finalised during consultation
  • Evening and weekend clinics are available to suit

Meet Angela, our very own Laser Technician who specialises in using the Nd:Yag Medical Grade 4 Laser. 

Angela possesses excellent inter-personal skills and is adept at understanding exactly what clients are looking for. Her knowledge and of the subject means that she is able to discuss any concerns that you have while planning a suitable course of treatment.