Longue Vie Cou – Firming Vital Neck Care


youth replenishing firming cream

with 56 cellular active complex

  • firms the jawline
  • moisturises the neck
  • protects delicate neck skin
  • smooths wrinkles
  • reduces pigmentation marks
  • 30ml


long vie cou

If you’re worried about the skin on your neck this cream will help to knit the surface of your skin back together.  More than just a firming cream, Longue Vie Cou works specifically on the neck, reinforcing the skin’s natural elastic structures.  Guinot’s Cellular Life complex contains no less than 56 active cell ingredients!!!  The 56 active cell ingredients are the magic which restore elasticity to skin tissue.

– Rejuvenates the look and texture of the neck and décolleté.
– Visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles.



Apply every day, preferably morning and evening.  Use light effleurage movements from the décolleté up to the chin.