Creme Red Logic


to correct redness in the skin

with veinoderm

  • neutralises redness
  • soothes reactive skin
  • reduces discomfort
  • protects skin from temperature changes
  • 30ml




Creme Red Logic

Are you suffering with red patches on your skin?  Creme Red Logic works to visibly neutralise the appearance of redness on the skin using Veinoderm.  A vein-toning complex of active ingredients know for their soothing action.  Veinoderm acts directly on redness, neutralising its appearance. Feelings of heat and discomfort will disappear!

In addition your skin will be protected from any temperature variations which can aggravate discomfort in the skin.

Restores the natural radiance of your skin.



Apply morning and evening to the face after cleansing thoroughly with Lait Hydra Sensitive