Creme Nutrition Confort


Face cream for dry skin

with essential oils

  • protects skin
  • nourishes skin
  • sortens skin
  • reduces feelings of tightness
  • reduces redness


Creme nutrition confort

Creme Nutrition Confort is one of our favourite dry skin rescues.  Undernourished skin can look dull, lack radiance and feel uncomfortable. In Creme Nutrition Confort essential oils reinvigorate your skin, restoring its natural balance and beauty.  The nourishing oils restore the skins hydrolipidic film.  Essentially reducing that unpleasant tight feeling in your skin.  Any lipid deficiencies in the skin are compensated for with this fabulous skin rescue.



Apply morning and evening in small dabs on the chin, cheeks and forehead.  Massage gently with circular movements working up from the chin to the forehead.  Use regularly.

Use with Masque Essential Nutrition Confort to drench the skin in nourishment from essential oils.