Cream Sheen


adds sheen and definition

with Camellia Oil

  • lighter than wax
  • adds definition
  • effortless shine
  • nourishes hair
  • promotes a healthy scalp
  • 100% vegan & gluten free
  • 100ml

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Cream Sheen

Cream Sheen is a light-styling mix of oils suspended in a cream. The perfect dual purpose styling and finishing product, which adds sheen and definition.  If you’re not a fan of wax then this is the product for you because it’s lighter in texture and it still adds fabulous definition. Windle & Moodie also packed in a UV filter to protect your hair further.


Rub small droplets of the cream in the palms of your hands and apply on dry hair. Also use on wet hair left to dry naturally, or combine with Curl Enhancer for effortless, shiny curls.


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