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Patch Testing for Colour Appointments

4 Sep 2018 | Studio News

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Patch Testing….the Lowdown

Patch testing…..we know you’re all super busy but this is the most important 5 minutes you can take out of the day.

We won’t colour your hair without one.  No exceptions!

If you wonder why, try googling images of allergic reactions to colour……..

Why Patch Test?

Manufacturers can change the formulations of their products, which could mean that a colour you weren’t previously allergic to could contain something that you are allergic to.


You could develop an allergy to colour which didn’t previously exist.

How often do I need patch tested?

Every 12 weeks, or if you are having a different colour service from your previous appointment.

What does a patch test involve?

We use a cotton bud to dab a small dot of colour behind each ear.

How do I know if I’ve reacted to the colour?

You will experience burning, redness, itching or tingling.  If any of these occur please wash off straight away and contact the salon.

When do I need tested?

You must be tested at least 48 hours before your colour appointment.

What happens if I don’t come for a patch test?

We will refuse to carry out your colour service when you arrive at the salon.  The safety and health of all our clients is super important to us.  We take every step possible to look after you.