17 Nov 2020 | Studio News

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Introducing the Wella Professional Colour Fresh at home conditioning mask with added colour!

These groundbreaking conditioning masks, for at home use have built in colour tones to give your hair that ultra glossy colour boost between your appointments, or an incredible way to add tone to almost any hair colour.

Boost your colour in just 10 minutes! There is no skin test required and with the zero damage formula these are the perfect treatment masks for your hair.

RRP £15.70 for your take home treat!

So why not have one for each week. There’s seven natural tones including:

  • Lilac Frost
  • Chocolate Touch
  • Pearl Blonde
  • Golden Gloss
  • Copper Glow
  • Rose Blaze
  • Caramel Glaze

These can last for 8 washes depending on hair porosity.

And four vibrant tones:

  • Pink
  • Mint
  • Red
  • Blue

These can last up to 10 washes depending on lightness of hair and porosity.

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