123 Curl

123 Curl

Curly Hair – NB Passion 

The importance of how to style curly hair has been overlooked. Many people are unaware of how to cut it, style it and most importantly, what products to use on it to maintain the shape. 

This course is a motivational run through of the the unique process of working with curly hair. 

Most stylists approach curly hair in the same way that they would approach straight hair. This course will show you the differences and give you the knowledge of the correct curly process.

Curly Hair – NB Passion will cover:

  • How to be confident with the curl
  • How to encourage and convince the client to use their natural texture
  • How to use tension whilst cutting the hair, to go with the natural texture
  • The way we MUST use product to achieve the desired shiny finished look 


One day course | Suitable for stylists that have never been trained on curly hair, those who have no confidence in curls, anyone not used to curly hair before, or if you’ve never cut curly hair before.


  • Introduction and the description of curls.
  • Discussion on why we have missed the importance of curly hair.
  • The dos, don’ts, musts and must nots.
  • Learn what products and tools are necessary to style curly hair. i.e. how to dry with the frizz, how to style with shine and what you MUST use on the hair. 
  • Demonstration with NB on a real model. 


  • Lunch (Included in course cost)
  • Work session on live models. This is to improve your skills on convincing and installing confidence in your clients, so they can embrace their natural curl. It is an essential part of this art, and will give you the knowledge to create a gorgeous curl – not frizzy or flat.
  • Sharing each look with each student and assessing each others work. 
  • We will end the day with a full re-cap, and key messages to take back to your salon.