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Louise Hair Stylist

Most of you will have met our hair stylist Louise at our Dumfries salon.  Another prodigy of NB, Louise has many different skills.  With previous experience in hairdressing, Nelsons job was to nurture and refine her skills.

Louise is a fabulous communicator, with the ability to chat and connect with all her clients – regardless of age or gender!

But, more importantly to NB – Her hair skills are unique.
Using her previous years of experience, NB opened her vision up to shapes, techniques and finishes that are unique to Nelson and his Vidal Sassoon background.
Nelson said “technique is a dying trade within hair, but I believe clients want real hairstyles, with last-ability and design.  So I keep training with these core beliefs at the heart of what we do.”
In the salon the learning curve is very steep.  As Nelson’s personal assistant, Louise has shown real determination, drive and enthusiasm for someone young.
Louise has a real passion for education.  She has just returned from a 3 day Windle & Moodie seminar in London to further expand her skills!
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