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3 Dec 2023 | Nelson Brown Academy

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Nelson Brown has a wealth of hair education experience from working along side Vidal Sassoon learning the ABC’s of cutting hair within his schools, salons and also in person. The world of hairdressing has changed, missing out the important hands-on-training needed to master the techniques and therefore, development has become self taught. Over the last decade, Nelson has  trained the best hairdressers in Dumfries & Galloway and beyond who have gone on to open their own Salons and become business owners in their own right. Working all over the world from Europe to Australia, his training is second to none!

The mindset has shifted away from the traditional model of working in a salon longterm but instead to change and offer skills across different salons and locations. This  enables personal and professional growth and allows the ability to take advantage of every opportunity in our fast paced Industry. One-to-one education offers total control and once you learn the techniques you can do with them as you like and let your creativity shine!  Whether it’s in your own salon, at home, or freelance, you have complete autonomy over your future career.

Classic cutting skills have become something to invest in. The skills needed to produce and understand the fundamentals of iconic cuts such as the graduated bob, the A-Line shape, basic layer and one length bob have disappeared but now there is the chance to learn these classics for life.

NB Academy offers bespoke education either in your salon or within Nelson Brown’s flag ship salon. We offer both team and one-to-one training and all courses are tailored to your exact needs and requirements. It’s an investment you won’t regret.

Hair pictures by Nelson Brown