Pain-free, affordable and permanent


Ready to be hair-free? You are not alone!

Using the latest Nd Yag laser hair removal technology, we can effectively remove unwanted body or facial hair, permanently! 

Our Nd Yag is a class four Polaris medical grade laser. It is dedicated to hair removal anywhere on the body. We can work on small areas such as lip and chin up to larger areas such as back and full leg, safely and with amazing results.

Our technician will also use a Breeze cooling machine, which gives our clients a comfortable experience throughout. 80% of people have unwanted hair, yet only 20% of people do something about it, so get in touch with us today.

Laser Services and Prices


Lip or chin – £250
Lip and chin – £350
Beard line definition & neck – £350
Hairline – forehead or nape of neck – £250-£350
Full face – £500


Full chest – £300-£800
Nipple area – £250
Stomach – £300-£800
Belly trail – £250
Back – £300-£1000  
Underarms – £300
Full arm – £800-£1000
Hands & fingers – £250-£350  
Legs – £1500
Foot & toes – £250-£350  


Bikini line & inner thigh – £300
Brazilian – £480
Hollywood – £500
Buttocks – £500
Genital area (male) – £500

Our Packages

All packages are eight treatments per package, i.e. eight top lip or chin sessions for £250. If you don’t use your eight sessions on the one area you can use the remaining time on another area or on your top up appointments.

  • NHS pre-op work carried out
  • Payment plans available to discuss during your consultation
  • Pricse may vary due to individual needs but will be discussed and finalised during consultation
  • Evening and weekend clinics are available to suit

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


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