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Laser Hair Removal @ NB

21 Dec 2018 | Reviews | Yag Nd Laser Hair Removal

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Laser Hair Removal in dumfries – Permanent hair removal

Tired of fighting a losing battle with unwanted body hair?  The solution is here – laser hair removal is in Dumfries….at your favourite salon!

Did you know that 80% of people have unwanted hair….you’re not alone!  It might surprise you to know that only 20% of people do anything about their unwanted body hair!!!

Unwanted hair can be a thing of the past using the Polaris Long Pulsed Nd:Yag Laser.

Permanent hair reduction can be successfully achieved for both men and women. All areas of the body can be safely treated.

All treatments are carried out using a Cold Air Skin Cooling Device making the client experience as comfortable as possible.

8-12 sessions are a typical course length with significant change in just 3 treatments.

Typically treatments will be 2-4 weeks apart.

Each treatment reduces hair by 20% and that is constant throughout course.

Check out our earlier blog post on laser hair removal here.

Our treatments sessions start at just £59 which would treat a small area such as the lip or chin.

Price increases with larger areas or multiple areas to to treated.

We do a thorough consultation and patch test prior to all our courses so our clients get the very best results and confidence to know they are in very good hands.

Let our experienced therapist guide you through the process to freeing yourself from the razor!

P.S We also offer gift vouchers for laser treatment!