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is laser for you??

9 Feb 2023 | Studio News

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Unsure if Laser is for you? Read on!
Our Nd:YAG Medical Grade 4 Laser will do more than just remove your unwanted hair, it
will change your life – forever! Imagine, no more waxing, threading, shaving or epilating,
just smooth, hair free skin for the rest of your life.
Our Clients attend our clinic from a wide variety of backgrounds and vary from those who
always want to be ‘Beach Ready’ to those who are suffering the effects of hormonal
imbalances and PCOS.
We also work closely with The Sandyford Clinic to provide essential pre operative Laser
Hair Removal for those who are going through the process of Gender Resignment.
We offer comprehensive Membership Packages and Bespoke Treatment Plans to allow
you to choose the best route forward and to ultimately achieve the results you desire.

We can treat…
Face – Top Lip, Chin, Side Burns, Hairline, Neck or whole Beard Area. Achieve that clean,
fresh complexion you’ve always wanted! Make Up will always look fresh and creams and
serums will penetrate your skin better. We can also treat the nape of the neck to tidy up
those annoying strays/flyaways or even sculpt the beard line to create a clean and defined
Arms – Under Arm, full or half Arm, Hands and Fingers
Body – Chest, Back, Torso, Buttocks, Nipple Area and Stomach
Bikini – anything from a ‘tidy up’ to a full Hollywood and inner thighs
Legs – Thighs, full or half Leg, Foot and Toes

We work hard to ensure every Client receives a warm and professional welcome alongside
a discrete, confidential service. Our reviews and Testimonials speak for themselves.

Book online now for a free, no obligation Consultation with our Laser Technician Angela
and take the first step towards a new you!