Is Laser Expensive?

15 Mar 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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The short answer is no! Laser is very competitively priced compared to waxing and other
methods of hair removal. With waxing, your treatments are on going and regular for the
foreseeable future. With our state of the art laser we aim to deliver longer lasting results
with fewer visits to our clinic. If you were to add up the cost of your frequent visits to the
waxing table, compared to your not so frequent visits to our premises, you would find that
there is little difference in the respective prices.

Our technician aims to deliver a quality, professional service in an environment in which
you feel comfortable and have any questions that you have answered. It’s safe to say that
once you decide to go for laser hair removal your skin will never be the same. You will no
longer need/want to spend your money on regular wax treatments, shaving essentials or
other hair removal methods as you will realise that you are using a very cost effective and
proven procedure in our clinic. We are also proud to say that you will be reducing your
carbon footprint by cutting down on plastic and water waste by omitting the need for
disposable razors and long showers.