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How to Create Volume in Straight and Textured Hair

18 Aug 2018 | Hair | Transformation Studio

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Faux Bob

The heritage of the famous faux bob comes from the 50’s, when women first wore the bob shape.  Nowadays people with long hair want to change the length without cutting, so this shape is perfect.

How To….

Step 1

Apply mousse to roots and blast dry.

Step 2

Use a backcombing technique to build up root volume by 4 inches.

Step 3

Mould the shape visually using a mirror and a soft brush.  Roll the back up with your fingers and pin in place.

Remember this doesn’t  have to be perfect it can be tendrilly, soft and fluffy with pieces dropping out.

Super Long Curly Hair

Missy’s beautiful textured hair was prepped when wet with  the following.

70% curl enhancer

15% texture cream

15% shine and smoothing oil

These three products were mixed together to create the perfect product for missy’s texture.  The hair was then placed into position using fingers to form smooth ringlets and diffused until dry.

P.s make sure the hair is dry…. damp hair will only drop due to the weight of it.

Then with an ultra large tooth comb on the top sections only, root backcomb 4 strokes to give the roots stability and guts.

Then you have your long curly look which will last ALL NIGHT LONG!!!

Cool Street Hair

Watch as a change of parting for Kirsty and a quick tong creates beautiful movement which is effortless and super cool.

When you change your hair, go in dry and add product for instant shape change.  This is what we do backstage on 90% of the shows……dry styling.

Nelson used a large tong on the hair, randomly tonging pieces one way then another for imperfection.  Leave the top section out and the fringe.

Then use matte texture spray to inject root lift and instant backcombing, sweeping the fringe over to the side. Break up any tong marks with fingers to enhance this messy, deconstructed hairstyle.