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Here comes the Sun! (finally!!)

8 Apr 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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Sunblock is your best friend. By using the correct sunblock, it minimises the risk of interrupting your treatment program and will keep your skin youthful. Be sure to use a mineral sunblock that contains zinc oxide as it gives you stronger coverage and protects your skin longer from the sun’s damaging rays. We would always recommend SPF50 for facial areas and this can be incorporated into your skin care regimen easily if you find a tinted moisturiser or foundation that includes this. If you are sunburned or tanning within 14 days of your treatment, we will be unable to treat you safely as the additional energy from the laser can put you at risk of having an adverse reaction. So remember – wearing sunblock daily can prevent many of the adverse reactions that can come from sun exposure and combining sunblock with your laser hair removal programme will give you the added bonus of keeping the wrinkles at bay!–