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Gorgeous Grey Hair – Natural Individuality to Celebrate!

5 Sep 2018 | Hair | Studio News

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Gorgeous Grey Hair!!!!

Here at NB we celebrate individuality and encourage all our clients to embrace their uniqueness.

This doesn’t just apply to hair texture…it also applies to natural hair colour.

We feel that there are lots of misconceptions and social beliefs about what’s acceptable with naturally grey or white hair.

Just because you have grey hair doesn’t mean you have to have short hair!!

Grey/white hair looks glorious when it’s longer…there are so many subtle changes and uniqueness to the colour.

Why worry about regrowth every four weeks when you have natural hair colour as unique as that?

By embracing your natural colour your hair will thank you.  You’ll see a big difference in the condition of your hair.

Of course you can still play with colour if you want to!!  Wella have a fabulous range of toners which will give a temporary colour flash to your hair.

In this FB live segment we give the low down on grey hair with real ladies.  How to grow your colour out and what you can use when you fancy a colour change.