Five reasons why

2 Mar 2023 | Nd YAG Laser Hair Removal

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Five Reasons why!

Read on to discover the benefits of choosing Laser Hair Removal at Nelson Brown.

1. Long Lasting Results

A consultation and test patch is imperative to ascertain your skin type, medical history and previous methods of hair removal used. This will allow us to create an individual treatment plan, bespoke to you. 8-15 sessions are usually needed for complete hair removal but significant change is usually seen and felt within three to four treatments. Typically treatments will be 6-8 weeks apart and you can shave in between treatments. You never need to see the unwanted hair ever again!


2. Cost Effective and Environmentally Sound

It’s safe to say that once you decide to go for laser hair removal your skin will never be the same. You will no longer need/want to spend your money on regular wax treatments, shaving essentials or other hair removal methods as you will realise that you will be saving an efficient amount of money (and time!) by using one fast successful procedure all in one impressive cost. It also cuts down on plastic and water waste by emitting the need for disposable razors and long showers.

3. The Results Are Amazing!

Probably the most important benefit; the results itself are extraordinary! After your treatment journey begins you are left with hairless smooth and toned skin which instantly increases your confidence. Furthermore, the laser Light from an ND:Yag source specifically targets and destroys hairs right down to the follicle which means fast and convenient results – finally say goodbye to those ingrown hairs!  After all, every one knows that nothing feels better than a shaved and moisturised body – imagine having that feeling for months of time!


4. Less Painful Than Other Methods

Unlike other hair removal procedures such as waxing, epilating or threading, laser hair removal is definitely not as painful. We also use a state of the art Breeze Cooling Machine which cools and numbs the skin before, during and after treatment. In comparison, waxing and threading involves pulling out the hair from the follicle whereas laser just disables it.


5. Minimal Side Effects

A lot of people worry about the side effects and downtime of beauty treatments but the majority of symptoms tend to only be mentioned as precautionary, are very minor and only last a few days. With laser hair removal the side effects are very minimal and usually only last up to a few hours. Laser hair removal is safe and unharmful procedure if used correctly by a qualified practitioner.

Why wait?  Book in and start your journey to your hair-free future, today!