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Do you want to become an Amazing Hairdresser?

28 Apr 2021 | Education | Fashion Week | Hair | Studio News

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Have you always wanted to be a hairdresser in our industry?

Have you felt a pull towards hair but never knew what to do about it?

Wether you have no experience or some hairdressing background, or just feel you need fully trained
in our craft, this could be for you!

Nelson Brown is a name in hairdressing we have all heard of for his outstanding and unique training. He has helped to train salon stylists, salon owners and freelancers all around the region.

Nelson is offering you an opportunity to be trained by himself within his salon in Dumfries to become an amazing hairdresser. You can take the knowledge, grow your skills and do as you wish with it, what a great opportunity.

The training will be based on you and your ability. If you are interested in joining the long line of successful hairstylists then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! For full course details and costs for this private one-to-one training please contact us.

Take at look at the Nelson Brown Academy page to see what we can offer.