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Lisa – Head Colour Technician Creative Colouring Innovations

14 Apr 2018 | Hair | Studio News | Transformation Studio

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Lisa, our head colour technician, has worked alongside Nelson for 14 years and is brimming with experience and talent for creative colouring innovations.  She has worked with Wella colour for 20 years so understands it inside out.

Lisa came to Nelson one day, with a creative idea.

The process started with the initial words, paint brushes!!!

Lisa had a clever idea, to use wide paint brushes, to give a softer, wider stroke when applying  colour.  And guess what? She was right!!!!

And so the journey began.  Lisa took the idea, and ran with it.

We used a see through wrap (a bit like cling film) to encase the colour, which gave Lisa the ability to watch the colour lifting and processing with her super experienced eye.

The finish was absolutely breathtaking as you can see from the photos below.  The idea was to create soft dew like tones, no lines, no pieces, just hair that looks like its been in the LA sunshine.  And boy did she achieve that!!!!

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