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Here at NB we often get clients who need a colour correction due to colouring which has either gone wrong at home or somewhere else.

We all know how it feels when you’ve had a hair disaster….it can make us feel super self conscious.

During the consultation process we discovered during the consultation that the hair had been prelightened twice at home.

This resulted in the colour being very warm and the hair was damaged affecting how it looked.

What the client really wanted  was balayage and brought in a picture of the look she was trying to achieve. This featured darkness at the roots and lighter at the ends, in a cooler based blonde tone.

As we all know Lisa is the Queen of Balayage so she was in super safe, professional hands!

Lisa then discussed working with some of the blonde she already had in order to protect the hair as much as possible.

To preserve the condition of the hair Lisa used some gentle lightener in packets, placed throughout the hair.

A darker semi was then applied to the roots and dragged down the hair freehand to mute down some of the existing tones.

Freehanding colour like this makes the finished look so much more natural and effortless.

Lisa developed the colour then used a cool based toned throughout all the hair resulting in the glorious finished look you see in the photo above.

We treated the hair to a Windle & Moodie spa treatment to help recondition and care for her hair after colouring.

Check out our services page to get an idea of some of the colour work we do.

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