Classic Cutting

Short Hair Secrets 

Cutting & Colouring Short Hair

  • 1 day course
  • Suitable for newly qualified stylists or stylists that need a refresher course.

There seems to be a lack of confidence in short hair in a lot of hairdressers. This course will help you gain confidence and give you tools to finely tune, tweek and refine shorter haircuts.

Many stylists are frightened with shorter hair, as its can be more precision.  This course is for them.

This course covers all the key points of working with short to mid length hair. 

How to hold the hair in your fingers. The right tension required during cutting. Negotiating growth patterns and different crowns. Working with scissor over comb, opposed to clippers. Working with the head shape to maximise the end result.

Additionally… How to cut the right fringe! How to take the fringe section. Where it starts and ends.

Shorter hair has a method to approach it, and this can or maybe has been missed or not focused on enough in the stylists training. This gives you the step by step in shorter hair.



  • Introduction to cutting short hair
  • Back to the basics with NB… Focusing on your consultation stage and how important to the finished look this is.
  • Demonstration from NB on classic cutting techniques, possibly 2 styles.


  • Re-cap on consultation points on each model demonstrated.
  • Live cutting section on real models.
  • Negotiating the consultation points with real people.
  • How to apply the correct finish during the blowdry and style.