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Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair Styling

22 Nov 2017 | Education | Hair

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Hairstyle for your big night out!!

Want to create a sexy, voluptuous and glamorous look for that big night out? You’re in the right place!!

Watch Nelsons step by step guide to creating this look at home by re-inventing good old heated rollers to create shape, form and volume. The heated rollers smooth the curl and create a softer bend in the hair creating sexy, fluid movement which will last all night! The Windle & Moodie products we used hold the hair and most importantly provide flexibility without leaving the hair heavy, hard or stiff.


Have a peek in our shop to find everything you need to create the look at home!

 Bridgitte Bardot Hairstyle

 It’s FRIDAY!!! afternoon and its time to get you inspired for your weekend look!

We are going to do something sexy, voluptuaries and glamorous that you can achieve easily at home. Using good old HEATED ROLLERS, which I’m sure that most people will have buried in their cupboard.  I remember back in the day when I was a wee laddie my mum use to get out of bed, and the first thing she would do, wasn’t to kiss me or greet her husband, it was sticking heated rollers in her hair, brush it out and that would set her hair for the whole day.

People think that heated rollers will give the hair a curl. It’s not just about making hair curly, its about smoothing the curl and with the heat creating a softer bend.

Susanne’s hair was prepped naturally, straight from dry, using Windle & Moodie’s Light Satin Heat Protective Spray on every section of the hair. She has quite strong hair and has an Asian background so she has that heavy texture. The Light Satin spray will help hold the hair and more importantly provide flexibility. We don’t want gluppy, sticky, nasty hair.

We want SEXY, FLUID MOVEMENT! that will last all night, be bouncy and beautiful and not heavy, hard and stiff.

We placed the BIG blue rollers on the top section straight back from the face in a line.  Each section was backed combed at the root before the rollers went in.


The reason for that is to create shape, form and volume.