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Brave the Shave – Tricia’s story

12 Oct 2019 | Studio News

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Brave the Shave

After being Nelson’s client for a couple of years, Tricia came to him with her friend’s story. Tricia met her friend on a trip to South Africa many years ago, and the friendship stayed strong. The friend’s name is Lynne, and Lynne suffered from illness related to her kidneys. Our Tricia donated her’s to Lynne!!! Which is brave, loving and beyond any human act. But she didn’t stop there… no no no.

Lynne was diagnosed with cancer, and her chemo has resulted in her losing her hair. So our Tricia, our super Tricia, of course, wants Lynne to feel more empowered and has matched the disappearance of her hair by Braving the Shave. When our Tricia asked NB to be the one to remove her hair, of course he agreed… and today was the day! What an incredible and inspiring woman Tricia is.

Our Tricia!

If this inspires, motivates and stimulates your emotional senses, and you would like to help, then follow the link to support Tricia’s cause.