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Sarah Guinot Expert

Introducing Sarah……our resident Guinot expert!

What makes Sarah a Guinot Expert?  

Sarah has attended a one week intensive training course at Guinot HQ based in Ascot.  She learned about the latest skincare technology involving a Hydradermie Machine.

So what is this Hydradermie machine?

The Hydradermie machine is the latest technological advancement in skin care.  We are the only salon south of Edinburgh and north of Newcastle to have this machine.  The investment to the salon was £7000.


Why is Sarah different to other therapists?

At Nelson Brown we believe in quality for our clients.  This means investment in training, customer service and treatments is a must.  Sarah has all three attributes naturally and oozes the Nelson Brown quality.

How long has Sarah been doing beauty?

Sarah has been performing beauty treatments for 3 years and has been working with us since January 2018.

Is Sarah fully qualified?

Absolutely!  Not only is she qualified but she is certified by Guinot as our in-house Guinot Expert.




What makes Guinot so good?

Guinot believe in beautiful skin.

They believe in producing all the ingredients for their brand in house. Extraordinary!!

Guinot believe in using the latest technology to enhance the performance of their skincare range.

Guinot believe that skin should be radiant, hydrated with a natural healthy glow.

What beauty treatments do we perform?

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